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About Me

I read for my Masters' in Digital Games a little while ago at the Institute of Digital Games of University of Malta. My thesis has been published as part of DiGRA 2016 but I'm otherwise currently an inactive academic.

I also hold a Bachelors' degree in Computer Science and I.T. and have held a vast array of different jobs ranging from project management, website design, graphic design, teaching and private training.

I currently work as a freelance designer and illustrator.

I am not actively pursuing a PhD due to my current situation and work opportunities, but I am not opposed to the idea in future. I'm happy to discuss research, whether it is my own or just relevant to my interests. You can find my academic writing, including my full Masters thesis, on my Academia.edu profile linked below.

I have a vested interest in experimental game design and player experiences. These, along with my lifelong passion for games, were what inspired my research thus far.

I enjoy pretty much any and all kinds of games, at the very least for the sake of discussion and analysis. In most cases, however, they're my favourite way of losing track of entire afternoons all at one go.

Feel free to get in touch for whatever reason, except selling me stuff.